Hong Kong Community Dietitian Association is formed by professional dietitians who are dedicated in providing professional and evidence based nutritional plans to the community.
We aim to improve the eating habits, health and wellbeing of the individuals in the community.

Year 2022-23


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HKCDA Service

Old Aged Home Service

Provide individualised consultation, and meal planning for old aged home

Menu Design & Nutritional Analysis

Wholesome, nutritious recipes designed for schools, catering companies and restaurants

Individual Nutrition Consultation

Provide individualised dietary advices tailored to your health status, lifestyle and food preferences

Health Talks

Talk on topics like healthy eating, chronic illness prevention/management, and age or specific population group-focused diet

Staff Training

Target audience can be healthcare workers, professional, care givers, teacher, etc

Nutritional Workshops / Cooking demonstration

Educate cooking skills and tips through fun and interactive workshops

Corporate Service

Brand development for food & beverage outlets and food manufacturers

Nutrition service for NGOs

Individualised nutrition screenings, nutrition assessments, talks and workshops

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