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Membership Advantage

‧Job and Volunteering opportunities

‧Unlimited access to resources in the member zone

‧Regular update on nutrition and dietetics research and information

‧Participate in HKCDA events such as webinars, seminars and workshops



‧Enrolled in any course related to the healthcare industry

Dietitians / Retired Dietitians

  • ‧Holder of an accredited Nutrition and Dietetics qualification
    (Bachelor/Postgraduate Diploma/Master/Doctorate);

  • AND

  • ‧Accreditation from any of the following regulatory organisation:

  • ‧Dietitians Australia

  • ‧Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR)

  • ‧Provincial Dietetic Registration

  • ‧Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC)

**All first-time applicants for the “Dietitian” membership category shall fulfill either one of the following requirements in order to complete the application:

Two current HKCDA dietitian members or committee members as referee;
Interview with HKCDA representatives

Application form


    Membership Category

    Regulatory Organisation

    Entry Requirement (Dietitian member shall fulfill one of the following requirements)
    1.Referees Please indicate the full name of the two referees and relevant membership numbers (if any):

    2.Interview (Applicant will be contacted for interview arrangement)

    Membership fee

    Student: HK$680 per annual
    Dietitian: HK$680 per annual
    Retired Dietitian: HK$680 per annual

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